Thank you very much for all your help. The judge said it was one of the best written applications he has seen ?

Melissa, September 2021

Thank you Bryan. You made this experience as easy as it could of possibly been considering the circumstances. Seriously, you did a great job with the paper work. So pleased in knowing that everything you prepared was exactly what was required in Court

Emma, March 2020

Bryan was great in helping me throughout this process. From the very first phone call he was trustworthy and non-judgmental. He was always quick to get back to me when I had questions and went above and beyond to ensure everything was done correctly and ultimately made my life a lot easier! Thanks again Bryan!

Owen, March 2020

In October 2017 I was sentenced and lost my licence which affected my mobility and employment greatly, Being honest with my employers, about my situation cost me in reduced hours, better this than the alternative, fortunately i was handed Bryan business card on exiting the court, after assessing my situation i concluded there was only one option, On contacting Bryan and  a one hour consultation over the phone, I was half way through the process, Bryan professional understanding and unique skill set enabled me to refocus and set about organising support drivers for my 28 day stand down.   Through the final end of this journey I had come to understand how much work had been involved preparing all documentation.   To the letter, I stood before the Honourable Magistrate of the court, with no legal aid to lead the way, and felt dignity, slowly creeping within me, which had left one month before.   The words thank you seem inadequate, for the service you’ve provided, so too all who have been fortunate to receive Bryan business card and wonder should you call, I highly recommend  him, don’t be shy give him a call.

Angeline, November 2017

I would like to thank you again for getting me sorted with my limited license. From the first phone call I made to you I found your service to be calming, reassuring and I felt you went beyond the call of duty to help me with a slightly more complex set of issues. Being self-employed and having shared care with children, the “work license” was a must and the concessions gained to be able to deal with child care were a huge benefit. I now owe my daughter several trips to the fun park because of things we missed out on due to my suspension.

Having an officer turn up on your door at 830 at night to suspend your license is not the nicest of experiences, especially when you had no idea it was coming. The suspension has changed the way I drive and consider other drivers, I am more aware of what’s going on and super conscious of speed. During the 3 months I did not want to be stopped for any reason, even though my log book was kept up to date and legit, just didn’t t want the attention.  

I guess it could be said, the suspension has done what was intended – Again thanks.  

Hamish, June 2017

Bryan was outstanding and so professional.

I was so worried about the procedure but Bryan helped me every step of the way. I can continue running my business, thank you so much.

I would recommend Bryan to anyone who gets into this situation

Debbie, June 2017

100% satisfied with service provided. Firstly, contact from Bryan  was minutes after sending a message. Secondly, very clear on his role and work licence procedure. No judgement from Bryan on the case also.  All documentation provided was top quality and gave me the best chance of obtaining the licence – which I did! Bryan went out of his way to guarantee the fastest application process. Communication at every step, kept me in the loop – much appreciated. Lastly, clear instruction on my role, made life a whole lot easier!

Marc, March 2017

Thanks to Get2work I’m now able to keep my job after a licence disqualification.  Bryan’s calm and common sense approach was reassuring and saved me a stack-load of legal fees.  This is a service I strongly recommend.

Robert, Feb 2017.

Best Service – Best Price