Here are the answers to frequently asked questions:

Each situation differs. There is a 28 day stand down period if you have been disqualified. But don’t wait as during this period your limited licence application can be completed and filed so you can get it immediately after the 28 days. If you have been suspend for excess demerit points there is no stand down period so you can file an application immediately. Some smaller Courts have specific days on which applications are considered, this also impacts on the time it takes

With over 200 successful applications in the first 18 months of business and having vetted and advised on over an additional 200 limited licence applications as a Police Prosecutor through the court process, I know exactly what is required.

Court fees of $150 for disqualification related applications and $250 for demerit suspension related applications. $40 for licence fee at the AA or VTNZ and you will need a log book.

No, so don’t delay your application process.

As long as you are not statute barred, you can apply. If it relates to excess demerits associated with road safety it will be more difficult, but, if it is not contrary to the interests of public safety could be granted.

It is generally for work purposes only to allow you to get to and from work if there are no viable alternatives and to drive in the course of your employment if nobody else can, or, for financial reasons a driver could not be employed. So there will be restrictions on the times you can driver, days of the week and where you can drive.

No I am not. I was a police officer for 20 years and have spent 9 years as a police prosecutor. I understand exactly what details is required in an application to ensure your application is granted.

You will need to contact the New Zealand Transport Agency.


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